Roofing Materials

Just like the work that our roofers put into every project we take on for our loyal customers, our roofing supply consists of building materials that can match up to the work that we do! Because of the fact that we work with so many different styles and types of roofs, we have become friends with some of the most reliable and trusted roofing supply groups in the country to make sure that our inventory is loaded with whatever type, style, and brand that you have in mind!

We Are Here For You!

birdIf you aren’t as knowledgeable or educated on this whole roofing business as we here at Green Roof Kennels are, then get in touch with us today and let one of our licensed & insured roofing contractors come out and go over all of your options in as little or as much detail as you would like! We won’t leave your side or begin any project until you are 100% satisfied and comfortable with whatever we think would be best for both your building and your wallet!

Even though we like to brag about the high quality brands we carry and offer, our success in the business has allowed us to finally offer some of the most competitive prices that you will find!

Match Our Competition

To put our money where our mouth is, we will happily match any written estimate from any of our competitors and will go even further to add an additional year onto any warranty program you choose! Between this and our free estimates, you have nothing to lose when you choose to give Green Roof Kennels a shot!

So no matter what type of roof or building materials you currently have installed, we guarantee to carry the brand to match and compliment absolutely any style that you might have!


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